L'amour Bleu (with Stanley Love)

10 September 2015

The gallery is please to host a musical performance by L'Amour Bleu accompanied by improvisational dance by Stanley Love.


Founded by drummer Matt Tong (Bloc Party, Algiers) and guitarist/vocalist Ryan Schaefer (Palms), L’Amour Bleu‘s unbridled, avant-garde riff-rock challenges traditional limits of music and performance with a distinctly New York aesthetic. Working between studios in Midtown Manhattan and Sunnyside, Queens, the group’s early tracks saw the addition of art director and exhibitionist performer, Shane Ruth (Baby) and guitarist/bassist E.A. Ireland.


L’Amour Bleu’s performances eschew conventionalism, involving raucous improvisational collaborations with artists such as Stanley Love, Delia Gonzalez and samurai dancer Takemi Kitamura in spaces ranging from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland to feted Bushwick rave-hole Bossa Nova Civic Club.


Named for the historical textbook of male sensuality from 1978, L’Amour Bleu explore emotional voyeurism through the aesthetics of masculine desire, rebuilding soft centers with faded color swatches of sadness, rage, frustration and ambivalence with a corrupt, orgiastic pastiche of decadent pop and beyond.


Stanley Love is an experimental choreographer who has built a loyal following by instilling his dances with joy, vibrant physicality and his wild imagination


Listen to L'Amour Bleu on Spotify.