Kadar Brock & Matt Jones: Evil Dead 2

24 February - 30 March 2012
Installation Views
Press release

The gallery is pleased to announce Evil Dead 2, a two person exhibition in the main gallery featuring recent work from the Brooklyn based artists Kadar Brock and Matt Jones. In the project room, the Berlin based artist Friedrich Franke will present a selection of small canvases.


The exhibition’s title is taken from Sam Raimi’s classic horror film, Evil Dead 2, which was more of a remake of, rather than a sequel to, his first effort, Evil Dead. Brock and Jones, who have been close friends since their student days at Cooper Union and share a similar enthusiasm for painting and role playing games, see in Raimi’s remake a work that defines a commitment to the idea that a work of art is fluid rather than fixed. Inspired by Raimi’s conceptual rigor as well as his keen interest to work in the horror genre with a sense of reverence and obligation, both Brock and Jones have found unique ways to explore elements of transition, openness, revision, and, perhaps above all else, constant communication and dialogue.


For the past year and a half, Brock’s work has been cannibalizing his old, quite literally feeding off previous canvases that he had shown, sucking the color from them with burred grinders and sandpaper as surely as any vampire would an unsuspecting virgin. The mostly white canvases have a corpse like feel to them, which relates clearly and coldly to the body, suggesting what is left during an out of body experience.


Fluidity for Jones finds multiple nozzles. It is seen in his movement between the various modes of his working practice; or rather, the various ‘spaces’ his abstracted works depict. There are the silver bursts of the ghosts of ones’ own consciousness; there are white and black outer space paintings that optically frustrate and complicate the great infinite space of the cosmos with their attentiveness to surface; and there are the colorful orgies of his energy paintings, which exist in pure state (space) of possibility. For Evil Dead 2, Jones will create a series of energy paintings in the gallery in Berlin.