Interview: Fergus Feehily, Peter Gallo, James Hyde, Norbert Pragenberg & Jackson Sprague

6 January - 18 February 2012
Installation Views
Press release

The gallery is pleased to announce Interview, a group exhibition with recent work from Fergus Feehily, Peter Gallo, James Hyde, Norbert Pragenberg and Jackson Sprague.


Interview. As a word taken at face value, it conjures various spaces.


One is verbal. Between an interviewer and an interviewee. Often during the ritual the verbal space of the interview will change. It becomes less of a formal dialogue and more of a casual conversation. The prescribed roles of its participants lose their relevance. There are moments when the differences between questions and answers cease to matter. Something else – a rhythm perhaps – may begin. An overhearing of the self as it speaks. An internal dialectic than an external exchange.


Another is visual space – literally "between" or "among" views. At a time where shifts in perspective (mental, visual, ideological) are thought of as specific and definite, like cuts between camera angles, "inter-view" is a space of willful ambiguity, of defiant ineffability. To come "between" and exist "among" – it is neither here nor there, and yet there is no indecision or confusion of its nature. As a thing apart, it is set off in a space of refusal but not one of negation.


In this room, in this space, trading theory for practice - does that painting want to be a sculpture? That sculpture want to be a drawing? That drawing want to be the end table in a motel for a married man to place his wedding ring on during his bi-weekly nooner? Wait, what? Seems rather personal, a matter of identity - who’s asking? In 2011, there are opt-out boxes on government forms and unisex bathrooms in municipal buildings. Is it any wonder then that questions are met with such resistance when the option of answers has as much of a chance fitting properly as an off the rack suit?