Sebastian Jefford & Orion Martin: Soft Laminate

16 September - 29 October 2011
Installation Views
Press release

The gallery is proud to present Soft Laminate, a two-person exhibition of new works by Sebastian Jefford and Orion Martin. Comprising the exhibition are the artists’ recent paintings, video, and installation elements.


“What we sloppily think of as the idea of an emotion, or the emotion as an idea, is in fact the anticipatory repetition of an affective event, precipitated by the encounter between the body’s irritability and a sign.” - Brian Massumi


Neither comes before the other, surface and form predicate each other

Klein Bottle into Mobius Strip into Donut


pets that look like their masters, masters that look like their pets

people as furniture, Rolf Benz is a couch – forniphilia


Wayne Newton’s Shenandoah

The Overlook Hotel


athletes are smokers to metaphysicians

animal camouflage - e.g. The Peppered Moth, Cristobal Baleciaga (RIP)


infinite and indistinguishable layers of laminate - Corian

linens of threads innumerable


at the softest degree of resolution

a counterfeit detector


- Mavis O’Donoghue, Berlin 2011