Time and Materials: Ana Cardoso, Alice Münch, Anna Mirbach, Natasza Niedziolka & Christiana Palandri

22 July - 20 August 2011
Installation Views
Press release

The gallery is pleased to announce Time and Materials, a group exhibition featuring recent work by Ana Cardoso, Anna Mirbach, Alice Muench, Natasza Niedziolk, and Cristiana Palandri.


The exhibition’s title is taken from the title of the selected poems of the American poet, Robert Hass. As with the two previous exhibitions at Horton Gallery, Berlin, Time and Materials again looks to poetry as a way to locate its perspective and generate a set of coordinates to relate to and reference while gathering and arranging objects. But whereas the two previous exhibitions were supplemented by texts (the first by a poem, the second by a quote a poet made regarding the process of writing a poem), Time and Materials operates without a central text to refer back to. In this untethered yet direct way, it shares at least a passing likeness with the famous one word exam at All Souls College, Oxford University, where the student is asked to write for six hours on three successive days on a single word. Past words have been mercy, style, chaos, and water. Among other things, such open-ended specificity encourages direct references as well as loose associations.


Time and materials. Each word is general and abstract, almost absurdly so. What doesn’t, or can’t, be related to time and/or materials? Here is a rusted out El Camino; here is a polished stone from the river Spree; here is plate with three scoops of mashed potatoes on it. Check, check, check. And yet what happens when the objects being considered are actively – instead of passively – engaging with time and/or materials? Reaching out from where they are to pull something closer or push something further away. A sense of nostalgia, impermanence, or ritual. Embroidery, for instance, as another way of doing, of picture making, becomes another way of knowing, the loose threads suggestive of another way of unknowing.