40 Galleries You Should Know If You Love Paint

Steven Zevitas, New American Paintings, February 1, 2014

I put together my first selection of Forty Galleries You Should Know if You Love Paint in 2012. As with everything in life, a lot has changed in the art world over the past two years. Some of my favorite galleries have closed, including Harris Lieberman in New York City and the legendary Daniel Weinberg Gallery in Los Angeles, while some younger galleries have either suddenly appeared or have developed their programming in truly noteworthy ways.

Of all the changes since 2012, the most difficult has been the recent loss of the visionary and beloved New York art dealer who simply went by the name Hudson. His gallery, Feature, Inc., has been a critical part of the city’s frenetic art scene since the mid-1980s. Hudson brought early exposure to dozens of important artists, including Alexander Ross and Tom Friedman. In the past few years, his championing of mid-career artists such as Andrew Masullo and David Deutsch helped bring their work much-deserved attention. While Hudson will long be remembered for his impact on the art world, it is his quiet intelligence and gentle spirit that I will miss the most. There is no word yet as to what will become of Feature, Inc. 


Horton Gallery, New York


And he came from Texas. Along with CANADA, Sean Horton earned a place as a poster boy for the Lower East Side gallery movement. After some time spent in Boston, where we first met, Horton went on to open Horton Gallery in New York. Horton loves painting, and he has an extraordinary eye for picking emerging talent – he seems to constantly discover new artists. Horton recently moved from Chelsea into the former LES space of CANADA.


NAP ARTISTS: Echo Eggebrecht, Kirk Hayes, James Hyde
OTHER NOTABLE ARTISTS: Peter Gallo, Aaron Spangler


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