The 9 NYC Artists You Need To Know Now: Keltie Ferris

Andrea Cashman & Leila Brillson, Refinery 29, January 27, 2012

If the only artist you know is McQueen (we get it, you went to the Met), we're here to help you get your art game on. And hard. To keep you current with the new class of creatives that everyone's buzzing about, we spoke with a real-deal art pro who does this stuff, you know, for a living. As the director of Chelsea institution, the Andrea Rosen Gallery, Andrea Cashman spends her time jetting to Frieze, Venice, and both Swiss and Miami Basel in order to survey the newest and most-talked-about artists. (Oh, and she's an alum of Deitch Projects, the most rabble-rousing, party-throwing, and cool-kid-featuring gallery of the aughts). We tasked Cashman to, very literally, curate a list of her nine artists to watch, complete with all the insider dish. So, while plenty of collectors pay top dollar for Andrea's thoughts, she's given us a 2012 artist cheat sheet, with an exclusive glimpse into the future of art.


Keltie Ferris, Horton Gallery

Andrea says: "Keltie shows at Horton Gallery, which is one of my favorite NYC galleries. I started getting to know her work when I included her in a group show I curated called 'The Open' with Jeffrey Deitch and Dodie Kazanjian (the contributing editor for Vogue) and she was clearly one of the most exciting artists there. She has a super sophisticated approach to depth and surface that engages with the history of abstract expressionism, but her paintings feel totally rebellious and of the moment."


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