Keltie Ferris Has A Show

Wesley Miller & Nick Ravich, Art 21: New York Close Up, June 20, 2011

When does a painting stop being a private object and start becoming a public work? In this film, artist Keltie Ferris prepares for her show KF + CM 4EVER (2010) by crating a new series of paintings in her Bushwick studio, shipping the work across town in a van, and installing the exhibition at Horton Gallery in Chelsea—all in the same day.


The artist and a team of art handlers shadowbox a “tacky” painting and roll a second painting that’s too large to fit through the studio door. As the paintings are moved, Ferris’s studio transforms from a vibrant space filled with energetic abstract paintings—all titled with symbols, such as the works ((!!!!!)) (2010) and !@#$%^&*() (2010)—to an empty room absent of color. The process is reversed at the gallery as the works are uncrated and where dealer Sean Horton personally hangs each painting, consults with the artist on placement, and talks with prospective collectors.


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